Article 3: Types of Sales Funnel

Types of Sales Funnels

There are many types of funnels, but let’s look at these two types of marketing sales funnels:

  1. Direct sales funnel


Digital marketing sales funnel infographic banner concept. Flat illustration of digital marketing funnel vector banner horizontal concepts for web

What do I mean by direct funnel?

 From the above diagram, you run a paid Ad(Google, facebook, Instagram Ads), then prospects click on the Ad and they’re linked to your landing or sales page.

Quite easy but it has its disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of direct sales funnel?

  • Low conversion of visitors to buyers.
  • No follow-up or retargeting opportunity because some will visit your page and bounce off.
  • Tracking of visitors is difficult to do — Once they bounce-off your website, they’re gone forever.
  • Double sales funnel


What do I mean by Double sales funnel?

From the diagram, your prospects follow some processes to become your leads. From the advert page, to the presell page, opt-in page(email follow ups inclusive), thank you page and then sales page.

Why do people fail to implement the double sales funnel?

Needs a lot of time to implement but it pays off over a long period of time,

Most entrepreneurs, digital marketers or affiliate marketers don’t know how to set it up due to lack of professional training or mentorship.

SALES FUNNEL EXPERIMENT – Let’s see who wins

Two affiliate marketers wanted to set up a sales funnel with a Facebook paid Ad of $100/day.

Results at the end of the month

Affiliate A – Makes $500 – $100 = $400 profit

Affiliate B – Makes $1000 – $100 = $900 profit

Who gains more?

Absolutely “A”…More work. More conversion.

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