How to Generate Traffic to Your Sales Funnel Pt. 4

Remember, I discussed about the four common stages of a sales funnel. One of them was Awareness.

That’s the integral part of your sales funnel. If there’s an awareness about your product. Service on the online market, no one will visit your page or website.

There are different ways you can generate awareness. Either through paid or organic traffic. If you can’t get an SEO expert to write articles than rank high on Google, then you can use the Facebook, Youtube, Google Ad or any other forms of paid Ads.

How to Generate Traffic to Your Sales Funnel

I love the use the Facebook paid Ads because everyone has a Facebook account – 2.45 billion monthly active Facebook users as of Q3 2019 – Making it the world’s biggest social media platform.

1.62 billion daily active users at the same point — 66% of the monthly active users.

According to Datareportal, 2019 – 96% of active Facebook users accessed the social media platform via mobile devices, which includes tablets or smartphones than on desktops.

If you need more dumfounding facts about Facebook, you can read this article from

Not forgetting, you’re able to choose the demographics and a lot of tweaks until you get your target audience through facebook.

Isn’t that amazing from using Facebook?

But…If you wish to generate more traffic from other sources to your website – especially SEO, I’ll advise you head over to for deep study.

Why do you need a customer and product research?

If you’re the manufacturer of your product, you might actually know everything about your product.

What if you’re an affiliate marketer or digital marketer who doesn’t know much about the product or customer?

Customer research:

If you don’t have any prior knowledge of copywriting, I’ll try to explain in simple terms.

You must know that your product isn’t for everyone.

If there are restrictions, or a specific audience meant for your product, have a list of them.

That what you also call market research, so that your creation of awareness about your product or service will be strategic.

You also save your time and energy.

Make sure you know the pain points of your target audience. Get a buyers’ persona or avatar.

Can you sell Ice to the Inuits? Absolutely know – That’s a foolish thing to do.

Product research:

How much do you know about your products?

You’ll be surprised at the low score you might end up with after reading this.

Research more on the benefits of your product if you aren’t the manufacturer.

Check and learn from your competitors, but…Don’t copy what they wrote because Google doesn’t accept plagiarized articles.

Write down the objections your prospects might have concerning your product. You can do a quick survey, check forums like Reddit, Quora, Medium and also reviews from prospects.

You’ll see a ton of opinions on a particular service or product. Then, you should check if your product answers these objections.

Here’s another thrilling question: Does your product or service have a unique selling point? What makes your product or service different from your competitors?

Set up reasons why your prospects should buy from you and why they shouldn’t run to your competitors.

Are you loving these insights? I’m sure you’re.

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