how to set up a sales funnel

How to set up a Sales Funnel

I know you’re feeling excited knowing you’re in the juicy part. It’s gonna be fun and I’ll make it simple for you to understand.

If you jump back to the two types of sales funnel I mentioned earlier – I discussed about the doubles sales funnel being the best type of funnel to set up for your marketing.

Doubles sales funnel requires more time, but a higher conversion rate.

Which I think that should be what you’re after. Or I’m I wrong?

Hope you’ve not forgotten that my marketing strategy for my sales funnel is Facebook (paid Ads).

Let’s dive in.

  1. Domain/Website

Here’s a foundation you’ve set for your sales funnel. I’ll explain what both means:

A domain is a unique web address for visitors to locate you online. It’s like a physical address to your office. E.g,

Hosting – is a digital web space you rent to store your data online – Your content, images, videos, files. Etc. In other words, it’s aphysical space you occupy in your office comples.

You can get your domain and hosting at sites like Godaddy, Bluehost, namecheap etc.

Both domain and hosting gives you a wide online presence.

  • Landing page

This is also called an opt-in page. You must have seen it on a recent website you visited.

I’m also sure you filled in your name and email address.

Here’s why?

A landing page is a focused page designed to collect data(details) from the potential prospect.

The page gives a preview of the content or freebie a prospect will get after signing up.

Note: Your landing page has to be compelling because your prospects will see this page first after you’ve created awareness about your product or service.

Don’t sell anything to your prospects here, because they’re still your cold audiences. Your consistent follow up will turn them into warm and hot audiences.


  • Elementor Plugin

I love using my low budget landing page builder called the ELEMENTOR.

All I have to do is install it from my WordPress dashboard.

Then, set up a “Landing page” and “Thank you page.”

I’ll discuss more about the “Thank you page” below.

  • Ethical Bribe or Freebie

Don’t think this is something crappy?

Ethical bribe or freebie is an offer of value you give to your prospects after the awareness of your product.

Remember I said you shouldn’t sell any service or product but offer an irresistible value for free to your prospects.

Make sure you offer an expensive value. Give them your best product. Give them one of your best videos or best-selling eBooks if you have. This will make them opt-in quickly without having doubts or objections.

  • Thank you page

You’ve to create a page that leads your prospects to where or how they’ll get their freebie.

Note: It’s wrong to lead your prospects elsewhere or an unrelated page.

If you do so? It makes them lose trust in you.

Remember, trust is the most important factor that makes prospects transact with you.


  • Email Autoresponder

This is an email marketing software that allows you send automated mails to your prospects.

You don’t have to download it because it’s cloud based.

We’ve various Autoresponder like Get response, Mail chimp etc.

All you have to do is fix in your various mails and the autoresponder will send your automated mails at the appointed dates.

Sounds nice.

  • Sales Page/Product Page

At this stage, your prospect is already a warm audience and close to becoming a hot audience.

This is a page you link to emails or follow ups that displays your product.

But…Here’s my little advice.

Make sure you know how to write a pre-sell article. If you don’t know how to do so, you can hire a copywriter, to craft an irresistible and high-converting sales page.

Those are the various stages of setting up your sales funnel.

Setting up each stage of the sales funnel correctly, guarantees your success.

Till I come your way again!

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