Our Training

Digital Marketing

The world has become a global village where knowledge acquisition is so essential. Life skills are very paramount as the global economy is kissing recession.

Many graduates are out there with no source of livelihood. Your innate desires to work for a corporate organization is good but start life with a skill and become a solution to someone instead of liability.

Hence the need for a Digital Marketing skill. There are One Hundred and One Businesses that need you to help them attracts leads (prospects) and convert them to customer via social media.

We will give you hands on experience to navigate your path to stardom.

We Run Both Weekdays & Weekend Sessions

Branding Masterclass

It is believed that an image is worth a Thousand Words!

Life is about packaging your idea in a presentable format that will attract your target audience.

Branding, Designs, Logo, Banner, Letterhead, Brochure, Covers, Animation & Video Promotion are essential tools to become an authority in your chosen market.

The skill to create all these marketing materials is what we called Branding MasterClass.

Our Master Trainer with over 2 Decades in the industry will train, mentor and groom you to stardom as far as Graphics, Animation & Video Editing are concerned!

We Run Both Weekdays & Weekend Sessions


Become an Expert

You will be groomed to become an Expert within the space of 60 days by selecting any of our courses above. Our Top-Notch Industry players will groom and mentor you to become a Professional.

Work with Us

One unique benefit of all our training is the opportunity to work with us while you are learning. We engage you for field projects for hands on experience as a trainee thereby enabling you to source for projects we can execute together to boost your confidence as a freelancer.

Pocket-Friendly Training Cost

Considering the effect of the pandemic and the global economic recession, we want to attain our goals by helping businesses to scale via social media. Our training costs are quite affordable and practical oriented.

Learn by Doing

Our Classes are Practical Oriented! 90% Practical & 10% Theory! After graduation, we provide 3 months mentoring and support.

Global Certification

You will be opportune to have a global certification after your course completion. Your deliverables are so essential with a proof of competence.

Become an Instructor

You may have had the passion to be an instructor after gaining proficiency in any of these courses, we will give you an opportunity to impact the knowledge to others and get paid for it.

Audio Visual Course Content

We also provide audio-visual materials (video) for some of our course content to enhance your learning experience while you are not in the class.

Earn While You Learn....

We will unveil to you the opportunity to set the ball rolling right away and show you money making opportunities you can harness while still undergoing the training.